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A floating bedroom in a cleverly designed studio

A floating bedroom, what a interesting idea! The house is staged as a floating island suspended from the ceiling, an amazing transformation of a former artist’s studio in Montrouge, in the suburbs of Paris. With an area of 538 square feet (50 meters square), every square inch has been efficiently designed by ECDM Architects.


Corbin Madison at the Apostle Islands

Shot in Wisconsin - February, 2014. 

How did ‘astaghfirullah’, which is supposed to be an admission of ones own guilt, become a phrase of condemning the other?


Just Breathe.

Without doubt, I wake up early every morning just to enjoy breakfast alone.

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This unending rain 
Stopping short on the surface of the watery graves 
Is another, even nicer, simpler sort of silence these days. 

The strength of the novel is that it gets read at a deeper level; it gets read over a long stretch of time by generations with a future. There is something about the form of a novel that makes it appropriate to political debate at a more fundamental, deeper, more universal level.


Basilique Notre-Dame-du-Port By Idris Ibn Aissa


DESIGN: Sou Fujimoto Designs Stunning High-Rise That Resembles a White Tree

Piercing the skyline and sprouting branch-like balconies, an apartment block resembling a giant tree is set to come to life in Montpellier, France.

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Reverse Arrow Optical Illusion

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Ghostcubes: A Dazzling System of Interlocking Wooden Cubes by Erik Åberg


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Winter in Amsterdam, 1917.


Edinburgh, Scotland. photos by Daniel Farò